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Contest starting
— 2020.03.01
The last day for uploading
— 2020.09.08
Winners will be announced
— 2020.09.12
Age Requirements
— No age requirement
— Any
Charge a fee
— Paid entry


(color and black and white). The photos are eligible ONLY in the DIGITAL format.

Conditions of participation in the competition: the competition is open to all photographers the world, according to its terms, carried out according to the rules FIAP. 

The photographer can submit up to 4 photos in each category, up to 24 photos. Digital files must be in JPEG format, 8 BIT, RGB, 300dpi, maximum 2600 px on the long side, a maximum of 10 MB / photo.

Participation in the contest means that you accept all of its terms and conditions.

Entries and copyright to them belong exclusively to persons who provide them, the organizers are not responsible for the violation of copyright rights of participants. The organizers reserve the right to use the best work for future exhibitions and publications within the framework of activities related to competition while maintaining copyright. Photos, passed the competitive selection for the exhibition will be printed 30x45sm size.

The facts before the photo (image files) into a salon under FIAP patronage, the participant accepts the rules without exception and without any objection that the displayed image can be explored by FIAP, to determine whether they comply with the rules and the definition of FIAP, even if the party does not He is a member of FIAP; FIAP that will use any means at its disposal; any failure to cooperate with the FIAP, or any failure to submit source files taken with the camera, or the failure to provide sufficient evidence, will be sanctioned by FIAP and in the case of non-compliance penalties after FIAP participant will be excluded. It is recommended to leave the EXIF data in the submitted files intact in order to facilitate the possible investigation.

More than 100 awards: Grand Prix, FIAP medals, NSPAU medals, Ukrfoto medals, Salon medals, BENU SEN MEMORIALAWARD; FIAP Honorable Mention, Salon, NSPAU, Club-studio «Prostir photo», Ukrfoto diplomas. All participants will receive print catalog.

ENTRY FEE: 1 category - 20 €, 2 and more - 30 €, +10 € on postage print catolog.

Pay Pal  finance.cffu@gmail.com  

or Privat Bankcard  5168 7573 9539 6304 by name Kharvat Oleksandr (Ukraine)   


1. Virgilio Bardossi, MFIAP, EFIAP/d3, IFI, Italy

2. Oleg Ogorodnik, EFIAP, NSPAU, Ukraine

3. Boris Buhman, NSPAU, Ukraine




P.o. Box 35, RIVNE-28

UKRAINE, 33028

Tel. +38 097 116 4539   +38 067 3622 977    

e-mail: pokrova.foto@gmail.com